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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kathleen: The Celtic Knot

Author: Siobhan Parkinson
Book reviewer: Siena

This book is excellent. It’s about a twelve year old girl named Kathleen who lives in Ireland with her family. They are so poor that sometimes they don’t have enough food to eat all their meals. One day Kathleen is late for school and gets in trouble so her mom has to come to the school to talk with the head Nun – it is a Catholic school. Kathleen is surprised that she doesn’t get into trouble, but the head Nun tells her mother that she has talent – and should try Irish dancing. But how could her poor family possibly pay for lessons and costumes she needs? To find out, read Kathleen: The Celtic Knot! This book makes you feel like you are actually in Ireland during the 1930s. It helps to try to read it with an Irish accent.

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Book Girl said...

This review rocks! Keep up the great work, Siena!