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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy Long-Legs

Author: Jean Webster
Review Writer: Book Girl
Jerusha is an orphan with no hope for the future. But things start looking up when a trustee from the orphan asylum decides to pay for her education. The only condition is that she must write letters to the trustee who is paying for it. She decides to call him Daddy Long Legs and her letters begin with a desire to meet Daddy Long Legs. Will she?

The Trumpeter of Krakow

Author: Eric P. Kelly
Review Writer: Book Girl
Year it won the Newbery: 1929
A family of three is traveling into Krakow, the capital of Poland, because their house and fields were burned up by bandits. Joseph a young boy, saves the niece of a scholar from a dog bite, so Joseph and his parents and his parents are offered apartments. The father is offered a job being the trumpeter at a church at night. He needs to sound the gong on the hour and play a hymn in the four directions. Everything is going well, until bandits start attacking the family for a pumpkin. And to find out what happens next, read the book!