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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Author: Mary Shelley
Reviewer: Book Girl

This book was very different than what I was expecting.  I came to it prepared to be completely horrified at how Frankenstein kills people.  Instead, the beginning of the book opens with a sea captain's letters to his sister as he navigates the frozen arctic tundra. However, a crazy looking man by the name of Victor Frankenstein comes to his ship on a dogsled across the ice.  Then, this new guy starts basically telling the story of his life, which is all very fine and jolly.  Things start to get interesting when he talks about wanting to research how the very life is given to living things.  He decides to create his own human, and makes it out of parts of dead bodies (ugh!) which he then shocks to life.  When he leaves the room and comes back, the monster is gone.  Then he returns to his home and finds out that his younger brother has been killed, a good friend of the family is accused of the crime, and he discovers his monster is responsible.  Thus, Victor tells the story of his quest to rid the world of the monster once and for all.

As for how the reading of the actual book went, it was pretty slow going.  I read the original version of the story, and everyone talks in a very flowery manner.  Also, the author seems very prejudiced towards peasants and people who are not very high in society.  Well, that was gist I got, because every time the narrator got to know peasants, he found out that they were orphaned from dukes and duchesses or exiled from their home country.  Overall I consider the book a good read, but the flowery bits can get rather dull.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Merriam Park Library is Back!

After being closed for over a month, the Merraim Park Library is back!  It's reopening today drew crowds, anxious to get back their library and to see the new renovations.  The biggest change is the information desk, which was torn down and replaced by a sitting area.  The main desk looks sleek and new, and when you return books, the barcode is scanned automatically.  Bibliophiles rejoice!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alanna: The First Adventure

Reviewer: Book Girl
Author: Tamora Pierce
Picture this: a girl growing up in a medieval style land.  You see gowns and fancy dinners.  But this book is utterly different: Alanna disguises herself a boy in order to train to become a knight.  She is the smallest and weakest of all the pages, but still becomes the close friend of Jonathan, the heir to the throne, after saving his life using her healing magic.  But the disease was not natural.  There is a dangerous mage out to kill Jonathan, and it is up to Alanna to save his life.

Half Magic

Reviewer: Sam
Author: Edward Eager
Half Magic is more then half awesome. Katherine, Martha, Jane and Mark have found a nickle. At least, that was what they thought it was at the time. After a while, they found out the "nickle" granted wishes. Well, half way. If you wanted 2 hotdogs, you had to wish for 4. But sometimes they forgot they had it.Well, I'm halfway done with this review. Remember, be careful what you wish for, because you will probably regret it later.


You might have noticed I have not posted recently.  Sorry about that.  However, I will be bringing back the guest reviewers.  First up: Circus Man Sam!