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Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Chomp

Author: Carl Hiassen
Reviewer: Sam

Chomp is a book about a kid named Wahoo whose dad owns a ton of animals.  They are hired by a TV show called Expedition Survival  which involves a person who goes out into the wilderness with only a straw and a Swiss army knife to survive a few days.  Wahoo and his father know that Derek Badger, the guy who goes out to survive, is a fake.  Wahoo meets this girl at Wal-Mart, who lives there with her dad, and finds out that her dad has been mistreating her, so when Derek badger and the crew of Expedition Survival invite Wahoo and his dad to go with them to the Everglades, Wahoo invites the girl, Tuna, to go with them.  When her father comes looking for her and Derek Badger disappears, chaos comes and it's here to stay.  It's up to Wahoo and Tuna to find Derek Badger without getting killed by Tuna's psycho Dad. 

                I love this book because although there are many characters to keep track of and  a lot of things that might be the main plot, you still remember everything. I like how this could be a love story between Wahoo and Tuna, but that isn't what the author is focusing on. I would recommend this to anyone who especially cares about endangered animals, or just wants a good laugh about the mistakes Derek Badger will make.

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