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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Agent Colt Shore Domino 29

Author: Axel Avian
Reviewer: Book Girl

Colton Shore is not just your average kid.  He attends FALCON, a school run by an international organization of the same name that rains kids to be spies.  Colt constantly lives in the shadow of his older brother Dix , an amazing, heroic agent who died when he was twenty-two, before Colt was born.  That changes when Colt finds out that the people he thinks are his parents are, in fact, his grandparents, and Dix is his father.  After finding out his true identity, Colt is sent on a simple mission to protect two young pop stars during their tour in Afghanistan.  This quickly turns into an unprecedented round-the-world search for the victims of a human trafficking group.

I enjoyed this book.  Rather than your average secret agent book, in which the hero spies on a villain with plans for world domination, this book deals with a very real problem.  One slightly confusing part of the book is that it never explicitly states when Colt travels from one place to another.  Overall, this is a very good secret agent story that I would definitely recommend to fans of that genre.

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