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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Key to Rondo

Author: Emily Rodda
Review Writer: Book Girl
Leo is a normal boy living a normal life. Every year he goes to tea with his eccentric Great-Aunt Beatrice. He is ridiculed in front of his cousins about being the spitting image of his Great-Uncle Henry. Then there is the traditional listening to the music box. There are very precise rules to the music box. When Aunt Beatrice dies, she leaves Leo the music box. When his family has his cousin Mimi over for a month she disobeys the rules of the music box, and they are quickly drawn into the fantasy world that is painted on the music box. An evil blue queen steals Mimi's best friend and beloved dog, Mutt. With Leo reluctantly joining her, she sets out on a quest to get Mutt back. Will they make it?

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